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We will have a few new writers and we're sad to say that a couple have left us for other opportunities.  In the meantime, we apologize for any inconveniencecaused by our prolonged absence. 
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In the meantime:  Take a moment and listen to a couple of podcast smaples from:
"The Chucky T and Beamer Radio Show"  (season 2)
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02-07-2014  2.2
The Chucky T and Beamer Show:  Sexy News Time & Public Toilets:
01-31-2014  2.1
The Chucky T and Beamer Show:  Hott Grandmas & Canadian Snowballs:
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"The Circulary" is non-stop action-filled shocking story of sex, murder, moonshine and secret societies.
Now that the whole Fifty Shades thiing has cooled off a little (because every woman on earth owns it) let's give other people a chance, okay? Okay, good stuff.
This novel isn't border-line porn, but the cover seems to have one shade of blue and one shade of a dark red, seems like, anyways- give it a shot. It's very captivating and you'll have a hard time putting it down!
You can purchase it from Barnes&Noble byCLICKING ON THE BOOK PICTURE,or at Amazon here on this link:
- Review by Abbott.